About us

Huskies Investment Club (HIC) is a UConn student organization for current students in the UConn School of Business graduate programs. HIC is initiated by several sophisticated investors who have experience spanning Chinese, Korean, Indian, and US financial markets. We all achieved successful records in different markets, and are consistently investing in different markets such as stock markets, commodities markets, and derivative markets. Based on our previous success in investments, we hope that we can share our predictions and analysis towards trends in the markets, and keep tracking our predictions on our website. Moreover, we will consistently recruit students from MSFRM, MSBAPM, FTMBA, and SMF who can prove a solid investment record or have true aspiration of investments.


Our Values

  • Analyze specific stock and predict about its trend
  • Put macro-economic and other factors into the analysis and prediction of stocks
  • Provide perspectives and insights about different markets (Chinese, Korean, Indian, and U.S.)
  • Explore opportunities in different markets and products (equity, commodities, real estate, etc.)